One of the prerequisites to building a successful brand is making sure that the market knows your product and your brand, and this is what is called brand awareness. In a digital world where business is now being conducted over the internet, experts have devised a  number of tried and tested strategies and tools to achieve higher ROI from brand awareness, and overall marketing activities.

What is brand awareness

Brand awareness is the first step in the marketing funnel, because it is the step that determines to a large extent whether your marketing efforts will lead to conversion or not. I always tell my clients that before you go out to sell me something, you at least should have the courtesy to let me know you and the product. Otherwise, if I buy a product wrapped in a white envelop without caring to ask what it is, and who it is from, I may end up buying anything, including a well wrapped suicide bomb. Because I don’t want to open a bomb, I would rather keep off your brand and product, until you care enough to tell me about it.

Basically, the goal of brand awareness is to get the market to be aware that you exist. In this article, we’ll discuss the digital marketing strategies you can select from to conduct brand awareness. 

Building brand awareness can involve any or all of the following strategies:

  1. Getting the branding and prerequisites right
    In my practice as an organizational strategy consultant, this is one of the most important steps which I have witnessed, which makes or breaks brands. Many projects start off in the wrong direction, or on a shaky foundation, because they fail to realize the importance of, and invest in getting their branding and prerequisites right.
    What do I mean? People will get all the right reasons to justify why they need to avoid the lengthy and supposedly expensive processes of laying a stable foundation for their brands, mostly because we are almost always in a hurry to start. Many are the times when, for example, a project starts off, grabs a name and begins to invest heavily on building itself without even caring to get permits granted.
    The problem is that after one year of investing in making the market adopt the current brand identity, the business grows to a point where it needs to get registered but cannot register that name, and so all the time and money used in selling the brand identity almost goes all into the bin. Many are the times we have seen projects where the initial branding is done wrong, it is not meticulous, not consistent, not professional, and in the end, creates a wrong perception about the brand personality right from the world go.
    Do not forget, a big part of the prerequisites is having a quality product that actually delivers. Without a quality product, getting the right legislation and professional branding is an exercise in futility. Assuming you get this stage right, we can move on.
  2. Content marketing
    Good, now that you have taken care of your prerequisites and professional branding, it is time to get the message out there. The key to successful brand awareness as part of marketing is repetition. It’s as simple as out of sight, out of mind. In this step, a brand needs to invest in creating and publishing content regarding itself and its products. Such content includes personalized content that the target audience can identify with, brand and product-centered blogs, videos and website landing pages among others.
    The idea here is to lead the target audience to the next stage of the marketing funnel which is to trigger interest, and possible engagement with the brand. Companies can leverage the power of content marketing through shared traffic by earning it organically, paying for it, or sharing the traffic.
  3. Social media marketing
    In order to trigger interest, one has to build a community of visitors from within and without your target audience. In this age and time when everyone is on social media, a brand cannot afford not to have a social media presence, by being available and active on social media platforms.
    As a matter of fact, unlike in earlier days when it was all about being online, today, you need to be online and so well optimized that you are ranked higher on the platforms. Such crucial platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok Instagram, and YouTube among others. It is important to figure out clear objectives to justify why you are choosing each of the platforms and the anticipated key results, which is a skill that can be learned using the OKR strategy.
  4. Search engine optimization (SEO)
    Good, we are progressing well, and at this stage, you now want to ensure all the content you are pushing online is ranking higher on digital platforms. One of the ways to achieve this is through search engine optimization (SEO), which refers to techniques used to enhance the visibility of a company’s websites and brand-related content for popular sector-specific search queries.
    The higher the level of optimization, the higher the likelihood of better ranking on search results pages, more visitors and more reach to the target market who would eventually convert into paying customers. SEO can be done on the page, off the page and locally, which are 3 classes of SEO known as on-page SEO, off-page SEO and local SEO. Most of the SEO efforts are more or less to build traffic organically.
  5. Search engine marketing (SEM)
    This is a classical example of paid awareness where companies pay third party vendors to get advertising space on high traffic digital platforms. Another name for SEM, is PPC (pay per click) advertising. In this strategy, a company would pay for their advert to appear on this website, because they know we have high traffic and you are most likely to see their advert as you read this article.

You can also read more about brand and product launching strategies on this article 4 elements of a successful product launching strategy.

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We have only explored a few of the brand awareness strategies, methods and tools that can be used to achieve increased visibility on the digital market, to propel your brand to excellence. There are many more strategies and opportunities for high flying brand awareness, and our experts would be more than excited to answer your questions and collaborate with you to implement them in your brand. 

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