I am a very passionate enthusiast of goal setting to overcome overwhelm in the workplace, so you will definitely understand where I am coming from with this article. When setting out to a project, you must do your groundwork. When you go planting in a field, you must prepare the ground; which many times involves slashing, testing the soil, preparing the soil by treating it; basically doing whatever is necessary so that when you plant, you are set to a great start. 

Practicing groundwork in everyday goal setting

Likewise, when setting out to make the investment of starting an organization, or building your career or even in your personal life, you must do the groundwork. When making a career choice, you want to start by doing some requisite activities such as carrying out a SWOT analysis, identifying your personality, your values, and identifying your purpose in life. This would give you the roadmap of what career path best suits you. When you have mapped out your career goals, you will be able to identify the learning institution and even potential organizations to work with which will provide the optimum environment to grow into your purpose and achieve your goals.

Such a roadmap helps you achieve your goals without confusion and overwhelm, as I discussed in an earlier article titled, Goal setting : How to stop feeling overwhelmed by tasks.

Groundwork when looking for employment

Once you have identified the learning institution, acquired the education and are now set for employment with your preferred organizations, you must do the groundwork towards being a great employee. Besides your great education, what value are you bringing to the organization? Are you able to answer the question “tell us about yourself” or “why should we hire you?” What specific skills do you possess that will bring value to the organization? Are there any professional associations that you need to register with in order to be more credible? Are you tailoring each job application to the specific job and institution that you are applying to or are you just sending out blanket applications?

Groundwork in the business arena

You have great business ideas and are ready to invest and start your business. Awesome!! What groundwork have you done? Have you identified your purpose and goal for the business? Have you done your SWOT analysis? What sets your business apart from the rest, why your idea? What kind of employees will you employ? What will your company culture be? Do you possess this culture as the CEO of your venture? What kind of a CEO will you be?

Goal setting workshop by Sarah Murimi a PeopleStrategy consultant at Rensyl Integral.
Groundwork in family life

In your personal life, you may want to have a family, lead a perfect work-life balance, achieve great health and probably be financially stable too. What personal investments are you making towards your personal development? Which books are you reading? Who are you talking to and what conversations are you having? Who are your friends and what does your support system look like?

Before you tell me about what qualities your ideal partner should have, what kind of a partner and friend are you? Are you pouring into your cup and feeding your soul before you take away from others or pour into others?

The biggest mistake many make in goal setting

Unfortunately, our focus is so much on sending the job applications, starting the business, getting the partner and such, that we overlook the process. The problem with not doing the groundwork is that when we have somehow made it, we will not have the capacity to sustain our “success”.  Say you make the application and are somehow called for the interview; you may be ill-prepared for the interview. Maybe you get the job, but you do not possess the skills to sustain you in the job.

Maybe you get the partner or friend, but your own internal capacity is inadequate to sustain the partnership; you have unresolved traumas from your past, which you bring into the relationship, eventually it may collapse. You may start a business venture and somehow make it, but you may not be entrusted with large contracts or large sums of money because you lack the discipline.

Doing the groundwork means that you will be more prepared for the task ahead of you. Someone who hasn’t done the groundwork will have to work extra so that they get the results. When you have done the groundwork, and have acquired the discipline and habit of doing your groundwork before embarking on a task, you allow your brain to focus on more complex tasks. Because greatness does not happen in one day and there is no such thing as overnight success. It is the small, seemingly useless systems that we set on the ground that form a foundation for the pillars on which greatness stands. Genius is not born, genius is created.

What the world sees and calls overnight success is the drastic impact you make, born of the groundwork you did.

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